<aside> ❗ Note: You need an API key to interact with the Mailbob REST API. You can obtain or reset your API key in the Account - Security & API section. You will also need to make note of your User ID. If you have any questions, feature requests or require integration assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: [email protected].


Getting Started


The Mailbob REST API accepts requests on https://api.mailbob.io. HTTPS is required for all API requests. Where possible, the API follows RESTful conventions, with most operations performed via GET, POST, PATCH and DELETE requests. Request and response bodies are encoded as JSON. The Content-Type header should be set to application/json when communicating with the API, unless explicitly stated otherwise on a specific endpoint.


REST API requests to Mailbob are required to be authenticated with a bearer token. The bearer token is constructed of the User ID, followed by a colon character (:) followed by the API secret. Note that the API secret should always be kept private and never be shared. You can reset your API secret in the Account - Security & API section. An example Authentication header:

$ curl \\
    -H "Authorization: Bearer user_id:api_key" \\
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \\

Success & Failure

Upon success, most endpoints will return a {"success": true} object, which may contain additional data. Upon failure, the return will be {"success": false} which may contain additional information about the error. In addition to failure, the API may return 403, 404, 405 and 5xx HTTP errors.